Accompanying partners, September 2020

Towards late summer 2019, ICAP undertook a comprehensive survey to find out more about the challenges faced by ‘accompanying partners’. We asked what their experiences, challenges and opportunities were, when looking for work in the Netherlands. The results were shared, in particular, with IN Amsterdam in early 2020.

Key findings:

  • 36% of the total number of respondents moved to the Netherlands to be with a partner and 53% moved to the Netherlands because their partner was posted here or secured a job here
  • 19% have been in the Netherlands for less than one year while; 35% have lived in the Netherlands for over five years and 76% have no plans to leave
  • 52% have household income below €5,000 per month
  • Four in 10 would have welcomed help from their partner’s employer in finding work
  • One in five respondents found a job within three months but 13% had been looking for over a year
  • 46% registered with recruitment agencies