Coronavirus, February 2021

In November and December 2020 we carried out a wide ranging survey on the impact of coronavirus on the international community. And, despite reports in the Dutch media that expats are leaving the country, most of you are staying put.

Key findings:

  • Almost a quarter of respondents said they had considered leaving the Netherlands because of coronavirus. Being with family in their home country was the main reason to want to leave.
  • 62% said they were not aware of any international workers who had left the Netherlands because of coronavirus, 24% were aware of ‘one or two’.
  • Just 16% say coronavirus is not having an impact on their mental health.
    65% of the respondents are worried about the impact of coronavirus on their household income.
  • Coronavirus has already had an impact on the household income of 36% of respondents. Of them, around 25% had lost at least 50% of their household income.
  • Around half wanted the government and other organisations to provide more support via information and events. Travel was the most important topic requiring better information.

We’ve compiled special reports based on the results for Amsterdam and The Hague city councils, both of which intend to use the findings to improve their services.

In particular, we have suggested that official information in English about the pandemic, particularly relating to travel issues, be clearer and more targeted. We have also suggested that HR departments do more to help their international staff who may be dealing with mental health issues and isolation, especially new arrivals.

By the way, in total, 2,350 people from 104 different countries took part in the survey – making it the most diverse one yet.