Healthcare, April 2018

In November 2017, ICAP carried out its first survey into the Dutch healthcare system. The results show that confusion and lack of understanding persists when it comes to healthcare in the Netherlands, despite the system’s high score in international rankings.

Key findings:

  • 35.6% indicated that the healthcare system would ‘encourage them to leave the Netherlands’
  • Only 33.5% felt well, or relatively well-informed about the health insurance system; and in the comments there was overwhelming number of comments regarding confusion about eigen risico.
  • More than 60% felt the were not, or insufficiently informed about, the healthcare system
  • 44% believe most women have drug free births in the Netherlands (which is not correct, only about 13% do)
  • While 62% say their huisartsen are open to different ways of doing things, including ideas they bring from their home countries; 53% have difficulty agreeing on when a specialist consult may be required
  • 36.7% believe the Dutch healthcare system to be equal to that of their home country, while 35.9% believe it to be inferior