Housing, June 2017

In March 2017, ICAP carried out a survey on the subject of housing for internationals on behalf of Amsterdam city council. The aim was to discover what internationals had to say about housing with regard to availability, cost and accessibility.

The housing survey showed that a large majority of you feel you are paying too much rent, and that most people want to cycle to work – and for no more than 30 minutes.

Key findings

  • 80% of new arrivals get no help with housing costs and 50% wanted to rent furnished accommodation
  • A large majority said they are paying more than they can afford for a place to live and 25% of internationals earn less than €3,000 a month
  • 16% of expats buy a home within one year of arriving
  • Most want to cycle to work – and a 30-minute cycle ride is the max
  • Most plan to stay here at least five more years, or have no plans to leave

This is what IN Amsterdam (formerly Amsterdam expatcenter) told us:

‘The survey has had a huge and positive impact and has helped draw up the basis of the Housing Analysis and Action Plan we are currently working on. The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area agreed with the budget proposal to position the greater Amsterdam region more towards internationals as a place to live, due to your work!! That plan also includes measures to improve our English information supply on housing and housing possibilities.’