Local election survey

The ICAP election survey (1,230 respondents) showed that while many internationals are keen to vote in the local elections on March 16, 28% don’t know if they can, and 37% have not yet decided who to vote for.

Many respondents cited the lack of information in languages other than Dutch. Just 13% of respondents said their local authority had published information about the elections in English and 44% said they did not know if this had been done.

Note: Under EU directives, national authorities have to inform EU citizens how to exercise their voting rights. However, most rely on ‘passive information’, such as mentioning voting procedures on their websites. This may soon change, however.

The European Commission has proposed that EU countries designate a national authority to ‘directly and individually communicate’ to EU residents about the conditions under which they can vote, including the status of their registration, how and where to vote, and how to obtain more information about the election. Read more here.

In terms of issues: housing is the most pressing problem, with 49% saying making sure there are more affordable homes for sale is a major topic, and 48% calling for cheaper rental housing.

Almost one in three want to see more action to tackle climate change – such as through wind turbines – and 29% would like to see more being done to tackle poverty. Tackling discrimination was cited by 26% of respondents as a major issue.

In Amsterdam, tackling the garbage problems was cited by 36%.

You can read a summary of the report by following this link. https://icapnl.typeform.com/report/gKLGnrtV/WDR9FOzhduHiSX2L